Let's beat plastic pollution by finding out how to recycle more plastics, taking our fun quiz and pledging to recycle more. You could win great prizes for you and your family!

Mission: Plastic Pollution on Planet Earth

Earth has a problem with plastic pollution. The Earth’s oceans are filled with an estimated 150 million metric tons of plastic. Up to 8 million tons are added every year.

That is the equivalent of one rubbish truck dumping plastic waste into the ocean EVERY MINUTE!

Everyone can help beat plastic pollution by reducing, reusing and recycling their plastic waste.

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Target: 1,000 Pledges
Pledges received so far: 896
You and your family can pledge once you complete the quiz but if you don't have time for the quiz you can pledge to recycle your plastics now.
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Fantabulous Prizes for Recycling Heroes

Everybody that pledges for the Challenge will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win an Odeon Limitless membership exclusive Wastebuster prizes and even a chance to meet Captain Busta, the star of Litter Things Matter!
One lucky family will win an Odeon limitless annual membership.
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